Fillers to correct deep wrinkles

applying botox or hyaluronic acid filler to reduce wrinkles faaciales Dr. Juan Gordillo Guadalajara Jalisco Certified Plastic Surgery

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A temporary hyaluronic acid dermal filler or hydroxyapatite can be used to fill large wrinkles or skin folds, leveling them with the rest of the skin surface. Dermal fillers only affect wrinkles, this is, wrinkles that appear when the muscles of the face contract. The products have no effect on the fine facial wrinkles or acne scars. against this, proper treatment would dermabrasion, a chemical peel or laser treatment. Dermal fillers are only suitable when wrinkles have some depth and this treatment may not eliminate them altogether. Wrinkles, regardless of the type of injection, will reappear as the muscles constrict. For this reason, treatment is often combined with injections to numb muscles, as Botox o Dysport.

Overview of injection Non-Permanent Dermal Filler

The temporary filling is a clear gel made of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in all living organisms. One of the benefits of these products is that the basic substance - hyaluronic acid - occurs naturally in all humans and animals. Because of this, allergic reactions are rare. The result of the treatment will be visible immediately. This treatment requires less than half an hour.


disinfects the skin, to prevent infection. With a fine needle, It is injected into the surface layer of the skin. Hyaluronic acid binds the liquid and expands the tissue. Perforations with the syringe may hurt a bit. The amount of drilling required depends on the type and extent of treatment.


The treatment is ambulatory and filling already brings built lidocaine to lessen the discomfort the apply.

Side effects

After treatment, the treated area will be red and sore. irritation may also occur skin. Usually disappear after 1-2 days.

Risk of complications

allergic reactions, They are rare.

Healing and recovery

You can return to work immediately after treatment. It is recommended not to touch the treated area until 6 hours after treatment. After this time, you can apply a light makeup. It is also recommended not to expose the treated area to heat (sunlight or tanning lamps) or intense cold up 3 weeks.

Duration of the result

Almost all fillers have effect until 1 year (9-12 months), after which a new treatment will be needed.



Publication date: January 14, 2017 - 14:20