Frequent questions

WHERE surgeries are performed?

The surgeries we perform in the South Hospital Puerta de Hierro, duly certified and all hospital quality standards.

  • You need to go to consultation to assess your needs and make your entire medical history as well as measurements and photographs in addition to laboratory tests.
  • The cost depends on the technique to be performed and if buttocks implants are used, facial or bust, and its shape and quality.
  • Packages include the entire procedure:
  • Fees medical equipment, Hospital and later Cures


Surgeries can be paid either in cash, transfer or credit or debit card.

As for financing have excellent options for each patient and be able to defer payment of the procedure is to 3,6,9 from 12 months as the case.

Remember not to expose your health with charlatans or clandestine clinics


Check the certification of who and where you serve, and the quality of materials and service.

Your decision should be safe and effective.