-. Juan Gordillo MD

The real beauty is in the details

A sense of form and ability to make an aesthetic judgment are critical qualities for any plastic surgeon.

"It will be an honor to welcome you to the family of our satisfied customers"

The foundation of my practice as a plastic surgeon is based on my conviction that you, THE PACIENT, is the most important.

After years of study and preparation, in human anatomy and surgical techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery, I've become a certified plastic surgeon, perfecting the art of redefining the human body; understanding the concept of beauty and adapting my skills in plastic surgery to meet the desires of people who dream made a change.

We ensure a pleasant and unobtrusive stay in lovely surroundings of comfort and privacy in our facilities. This gives you a rewarding experience when plastic surgery is performed..

Depending on your needs and body type, I will recommend the most appropriate procedure.

With high standards of quality and service you deserve discuss the best options for you, in order to obtain the best possible results.

The formation, skill and experience as a plastic surgeon allows us to visualize the possible results and predict the outcome of a particular procedure.

Let me provide the best advice and options to carry out the most appropriate procedure for you.

Having plastic surgery is a very personal choice and we are committed to give our patients the most dedicated attention and WITH THE BEST QUALITY.



Bachelor's degree

  • Surgeon General
    • Anahuac University, Mexico City 1998-2004
      • Professional certificate. 4248001


  • General Surgery 2006-2008
    • General Hospital of Mexico O.D., UNAM
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2008-2012
    • General Hospital of Mexico O.D., UNAM
    • Specialist certificate: 7440335 Council CPR: 1627
  • High Definition Liposuction and Body Contouring 2011
    • -. Constantino Mendieta – 4Beauty – Miami, Florida


Certified by the Mexican Board of Plastic Surgery

Member of the Mexican Association


International Member


International ASPS Member

"More of 2000 patients, guarantee our quality "