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The purpose of takes is Buttock Augmentation with fat or implants or combination of both, It is to improve the shape and volume of buttocks to achieve a natural curve of good size and a beautiful transition to the waist and hips and thighs

To get it we go beyond the conventional to find and define an athletic body by removing fat from delicate and careful to highlight the divisions muscle so and so luzcas a natural but spectacular body ...

There are two ways Buttock Implants:

Round and Oval (anatomic)

The ideal is to combine the buttocks implants that are placed within the gluteus maximus muscle and is supplemented with fat graft taken from the abdomen, thighs or waist and increase muscle, cover the implant, give more height and hip creating smoother contours, Getting a little visible natural result.

For fat, We use an ultrasonic art equipment with many benefits for you:

  1. Removes only fat cells
  2. Less trauma to tissues
  3. Better skin retraction
  4. Smoother and natural contour
  5. Faster recovery