20 FAQ Plastic Surgery

"0 FAQ certified in plastic surgery by Dr.. Juan Gordillo in Guadalajara, Jalisco

1 – ¿ Qué type of anesthesia is used in plastic surgery ?

exist 3 types of anesthesia, General anesthesia, Regional anesthesia

Local anesthesia, each of these is selected depending on the type of

surgery performed, time of surgery and the characteristics of each


2 – ¿ Las Cirugías Plásticas son seguras

And, if each surgery is planned correctly, and if by a

experienced the risks and chances of complications are specialist


3 - Can I make several surgeries at the same time ?

AND, as long as the surgery time is not very long, the person does not

have any serious illness, and the possibility of bleeding and

complications are minimal.

4 - Why is complicated Plastic Surgery;?

The main cause is that the surgery is not done by a professional

trained or held in a place not certified, also if the person

undergoes surgery has some serious disease or uncontrolled the

risks of complications increase.

5 – ¿ Qué tipo de prótesis son las recomendadas para usar

to increase the volume of breasts ?

The most commonly used prostheses, which better and more natural results

offer and minor complications are replacement Mentor Silicone Gel brand or Natrelle.

6 - From what age you can make a Plastic Surgery ?

It depends on what type of surgery, surgery to correct the ears very

projected can be made from the 7 years. Breast Surgeries, nose

etc., it is preferable expect this growth stage completed which

on average occurs after 16 years.

7 - What are the surgeries are performed more frequently ?

The 3 more frequent surgeries are nose surgery, breast surgeries and

tucks and liposuction.

8 - How you can correct an abdominal scar (Caesarean section) ?

These scars generally have a bad result and can be corrected

performing surgery only improves scar, or having surgery

that allows stretching all the skin of the abdomen completely disappearing

scar and getting a flat stomach.(abdominoplastía)

9 – ¿ Qué puedo esperar como resultado de una abdominoplastía ?

a completely flat abdomen is obtained, without excess or sagging skin, with

perfectly marked waist without fat deposits in the abdomen and


10 - I finished my pregnancy and my body change much,

What I can do to get back to having a sexy body ?

Depending on the expectations of each person can perform surgery

to correct the changes that occur during pregnancy and lactation,

these breast surgeries, tucks and liposuction.

11 – ¿ Qué Cirugías Plásticas se puede hacer un hombre,

which they are the most frequent ?

The most common surgeries performed on men are nose surgery,

Eyelid Surgery, liposuction, and recently liposuction

Gill has greatly increased in frequency since it allows to achieve a

change very natural and helps to harmonize the face.

12 - Allow plastic surgery to lose weight ?

Overall, the goal of these surgeries is not lose weight, without

But if you can lose some kilos, the result will be assessed

mainly with the size reduction in clothing, y además a more streamlined and harmonious silhouette is obtained.

13 - How you will be my body after liposuction ?

The result is natural, goes unnoticed and no noticeable surgery, the result

It depends on each person but generally manages to get an abdomen

completely flat, with marked midline, muscles insinuated, the

waist is highlighted markedly, hips are proportionate and the region

gluteal contouring is achieved very proportionally.

14 - How the size of the prosthesis to be used is decided ?

The size of the prosthesis is a decision made jointly between the

patient and surgeon depending on the height and build of the person

it will operate, always tests are performed before the mirror using prosthesis

test for the patient to know how will be the result before


15 – Soy una persona muy activa y realizo ejercicio regularmente pero

I have some fat deposits, How I can improve this ?

There are many people that despite exercise and good nutrition not

fat deposits may disappear, these people are the best

candidates for liposuction, a slender figure is obtained, natural and

very atractive.

16 - Abdominoplasty requires letting Drains ?

Not always, the latest techniques have eliminated the use of drains in

these surgeries, which makes recovery faster and less


17 - From which age you can make a nose ?

The ideal is to wait for the 18 years.

18 - How nose surgery is planned ?

It is important to determine if there is functional or aesthetic problems. From

this aspect changes that must be made are planned. It is important

analyze the features of the entire face for a natural looking nose and

according to each face and each person.

19 How long after pregnancy you can perform surgery?

It is prudent to wait to finish breastfeeding to schedule a Plastic Surgery.

20 - Liposuction is a painful surgery ?

Currently with advances in recent years, This surgery is not painful, Y

requires only about 5-7 Average days of disability.

Publication date: January 11, 2017 - 15:11